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Haynes Breakfast Club: Big Changes from 1 March 2020

23rd Jan 2020

The Haynes Breakfast Club has just celebrated its fifth birthday. When it was launched in January 2015 the club had a single aim:Haynes Breakfast Club - Big Changes

To provide a convivial venue for like-minded motorcar enthusiasts to meet and share their automotive passion and enjoy a hearty breakfast.

The very first Haynes Breakfast Club started with thirty-five cars in attendance. Since then, the car meet has grown in popularity, with a regular attendance of over nine-hundred cars joining us for Breakfast on the first Sunday of the month.

As much as we’re celebrating the success of its popularity, this huge increase has put pressure on parking space and the queues for breakfast are now simply too long.

The aim remains the same but in order to improve your experience the time has come for changes to be made.


What’s changing?

The February Haynes Breakfast Club will remain the same, however from 1 March 2020 we will split the club to create two separate meets by introducing an extra Haynes Breakfast Club for the second Sunday of each month.

The only choice you have to make is which one you’ll be displaying your vehicle at:

The 1st Sunday of the month: FUTURE CLASSICS (POST 1980)

For all post 1980 cars; this includes modern, sports and super cars and any ‘future classics’. Click here for a printable download of new dates.

The 2nd Sunday of the month: VINTAGE & CLASSICS (PRE 1980) 

Dedicated to all cars pre 1980, we welcome all veteran, vintage or classic cars. Click here for a printable download of new dates.

The 3rd Sunday of the month: bikers ride-in 

Continuing to welcome all bikers for breakfast. Click here for a printable download of new dates.


How will this improve the event?

By dividing our Haynes Breakfast Club into post and pre 1980 we can better accommodate all of our car club visitors, ensuring everyone can get a space in the carpark and enjoy a full breakfast.  Overall, our aim is to make all our Breakfast Clubs a more enjoyable experience from start to finish and continue build our community of like-minded enthusiasts.So follow our social pages for updates and exciting developments!

Your opinion matters

If you are a regular attendee and have a question about the upcoming changes, please do join us for Haynes Breakfast Club as normal on Sunday 2 February and talk to one of our team at the dedicated information desk.

Alternatively you can email us directly via

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