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Haynes Breakfast Club goes online

3rd Apr 2020

Haynes Breakfast Club onlineHaynes Breakfast Club car meet online group

As you can imagine, we've had to adapt our approach quite rapidly with the current situation. After chatting with some of our Haynes Breakfast Club attendees online we realised that people are missing the community vibe from the regular Haynes Breakfast Club car meets. It's hard when you can't go out!
Under normal circumstances we would have been welcoming visitors to our Future Classics Breakfast Club meet this weekend and so we've now created a Haynes Breakfast Club group, via our Museum Facebook page as this is the quickest and easiest way to stay connected with our Breakfast Club visitors online.
As far as how the virtual breakfast club works, in only a few minutes of going digital we've been inundated with photos from car and bike enthusiasts of their pride and joys. We're hoping to encouraging sharing photos and videos for everyone to get involved and show off their cars,  add different themes each 'virtual breakfast club',  driver reviews and possibly some competitions too. 
This situation is all new to everyone but our Breakfast Club Community are keeping connected and we'll be working with you to make the best of what we have online until we can reopen our doors.If you'd like to join the group, everyone is welcome please click here.

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