1973 Porsche 911 RS Carrera Touring

Not long after the end of the Second World War Germany’s industrialists began to look at motoring products once again.  The Volkswagen Beetle was already in production led by Ivan Hurst, a British Major, when Ferry Porsche built his rear engined, rear wheel drive 356 using components from the Beetle including its engine, transmission and suspension.

The last 356s were powered by entirely Porsche-designed engines.  In 1964, after some success in motor racing with various models including the 550 Spyder, the company launched the Porsche 911, another air-cooled, rear-engined sports car, this time with a six-cylinder ‘boxer’ engine. The 911 in its many guises was to become one of the world’s most iconic and long-lived sports and racing cars.

In the field of sports car racing Porsche has been among the most prolific winners in all forms of the sport from the famous Le Mans 24hr race to the most humble amateur races taking place around the world almost every weekend.