1975 Bricklin SV-1

This car finally went into production in New Brunswick, Canada in 1974, conceived and designed by the Canadian Malcolm Bricklin in 1971.  In its short production run 2854 were built between 1974 and 1976, of which approximately 350 are left on the road today.  The Bricklin is the only car produced by a Canadian manufacturer in a Canadian factory but, ironically, it was only sold in the USA.

The car was given the designation 'SV-1', for Safety Vehicle 1.  It had a built-in roll cage, side guard rails and 5-mph shock absorbing bumpers that receded into the car on impact.  It was not only safe in an accident, but had the power and handling to avoid one.  The Bricklin far exceeded safety requirements of the time.

The SV-1's major design feature is the 95 lb gullwing doors that are opened by an electro-pneumatic device.  In the end it was the weight of the car's safety features which mapped its performance and put off potential buyers.