Venue Selection Secrets: Finding the Perfect Space


The Museum’s Conference & Events Manager, Liv, frequently speaks with clients looking to book the event space, and organisers often face challenges in ensuring everything is planned perfectly. Liv recently took some time to share some of her top tips.

Planning a conference or event can be a daunting task, with countless details to manage and decisions to make. From selecting the perfect venue to coordinating with guest speakers and ensuring every detail aligns with your vision, the process requires meticulous planning and organisation. At Haynes Motor Museum, we've hosted numerous successful events, and we understand the complexities involved.

Whether you're a seasoned event planner or organising your first major conference, these practical tips will help you navigate the venue selection process with ease. By focusing on the fundamentals and planning well in advance, you can create an unforgettable event experience for your attendees. Let’s dive into the essential strategies that will set your event up for success from the start.

Understand the fundamentals of your event
What are the non-negotiables of your event. Are you planning a guest speaker that has limited availability? You could find the perfect venue, only then to realise they haven’t got your one and only date available – start your enquiries with your non-negotiables to narrow down your venue options. 

Breathing Room
Wherever possible plan as far in advance as possible, you are more likely to have flexibility i.e if your key presenters or suppliers have more availability, this will give you flexibility for venue selection and may even lock in a better price. If you know you are planning more than one event – ask about multi- event discounts.

Location, Location, Location
Consider expanding your location area – you may get a much better venue for your budget. You can always allow time in the day for delegates to travel or provide a shuttle bus if budget allows, especially if you secure a better rate for the venue itself.  

Site visit
Meet the venue team and see the spaces. Wherever possible, plan a visit when the venue has rooms set up for an event so you can visualise and see what will be available to you on the day. Take photos (with permission) so you can reference or show other decision makers if they aren’t able to come along. 

Delegate journey 
Walk the route and consider every stage of the ‘customer journey’ - ask about parking available and if there are costs involved, ask to see the toilet facilities, check if you will be required to share the facilities on the day with other events or visitors. Nothing worse than a long queue especially if you have a tight schedule to work to.

Don’t be afraid to ask 
Question as much and more than you think you need; we have heard them all! The more information you have discussed in advanced, the better equipped you will be in your planning, with fewer surprises along the way.

Our team are happy to help provide advise or speak to you about how we can create the perfect space for your event! Get in touch with us on 01963 407038

21st June 2024