Pre-school & Reception

A typical pre-school or reception visit starts by looking at life before the motor car. 

Touring the Museum, children will sit in several vehicles and throughout the tour, they will be encouraged to ask questions as we discuss the colour, shape and size of the cars, for example, we compare a Mini with a Cadillac and see how many children we can get into the Cadillac.
We also look at how cars are made, including a “hands-on” production line exercise.

There are many opportunities for photos throughout the day.

Lunch can be taken either in the Education Centre, Café 750, or during the summer in warm weather younger students can visit Haynes Motorland – a play area that is adjacent to the Education Centre and features a large range of outside motor-themed play equipment.  There are also outside picnic tables for use.

Please contact the Education team on or telephone 01963 442797 to discuss your requirements.