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We work closely with teachers to deliver visits that meet the needs of their groups. We are always reviewing the content of our sessions to best meet the learning outcomes of the national LotC certifiedcurriculum.

If you have a specific topic you would like to cover please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Some examples of topics we cover are:


History GCSE, America, 1920–1973: Opportunity and inequality

As part of the ‘American people and the 'Boom' component of the GCSE History syllabus, we enable students to explore the impact on industry and society of the mass production of cars in the USA during this period. Students are given the chance to examine up close the museum’s Ford Model T, arguably one of the most influential cars of all time and are introduced to the mass production line and early labour practices of Henry Ford.

Design and Technology, KS 3/4, rocket cars

Students are introduced to the basic theories of aerodynamics through examination of F1 and other vehicles, then, working as small teams, first design and then build their own compressed air rocket powered car from our Lego Technics components. Not as easy as it looks and great fun!

Automotive Engineering, for BTEC students and apprentices

Visiting groups are given an in depth tour of the Haynes collection with the emphasis on changing car design and technological innovation from 1886 to the present. Emphasis then switches to current restoration projects with a tour of the Haynes workshops. Students will have the opportunity to see traditional tools and hear and see current restoration projects.

Travel and Tourism BTEC, Hospitality BTEC and Leisure and Tourism GCSE

Using Haynes International Motor Museum as a case study, students can examine a range of travel and tourism products and events management. Areas that can be covered include leisure and tourism organisations as businesses with a 3 tier structure – managerial, supervisory and operational level - and explores their functional areas, e.g. HR, marketing, sales, operations, finance and administration and the practicalities of events management.

Business Studies – GCSE/BTEC/”A” Level
This workshop can be adjusted to meet the needs of specific groups. Broadly, it examines the practical aspects of a heritage based business, using Haynes as a model. Elements covered can include business planning, marketing, human resources, finance, competition and strategy.
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