Age Groups

Pre-school and Reception visits involve a look at the way the motor car has changed our lives and consist of a “hands-on” tour of the Collection followed by independent exploration supported by an activity book.

  • Pre-School & Reception

    A typical pre-school or reception visit starts by looking at life before the motor car. Then, touring the Museum we encourage the children to consider how the motor car has changed our lives this tour is very much hands on.
  • Primary

    Currently reception and years 1, 2 and 3 represent a significant part of our educational visitors. Studying the history of transport we deliver a package which incorporates history, geography, maths, art and design as well at looking at the technology behind the motor car.
  • Secondary & Colleges

    We work closely with teachers to develop educational visits that reflect the needs of the students’ current syllabus; and the content and structure of these visits is constantly reviewed to ensure it meets the desired learning objectives.
  • SEN Groups

    We regularly host educational visits for groups of SEN students of all ages and abilities. These days are planned meticulously with the school\college staff to ensure that we meet your learning objectives and we work together to ensure that we can deliver a programme for the day which meets your expectations.
  • Other Student Groups

    Whether its an international, disabled or after school group of students we are happy to accommodate a visit to suit your requirements.
  • Resources

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