Coach stops

Coach stops at Haynes International Motor Museum

We fit in with your tailor-made itineraries and provide an entirely hassle-free visit for coach operators, drivers and groups. Whether it’s a visit to the Museum or an essential pitstop, we can provide coach-oriented facilities when an essential stop is required while on route to other locations. 

We go the extra mile to welcome coach visitors and ensure they enjoy a warm friendly welcome to the attraction. By providing: a convenient set down and pick-up point close to the entrance to avoid a long walk for passengers; a dedicated member of staff to meet and greet and provide an introductory talk; Café 750 which is prepared to accommodate large numbers of visitors at one time; free on-site parking; and facilities for coach drivers including refreshments.  As well as admission rates for groups on the standard public entry ticket price which can be set and issued to tour organisers.

If you would like an individual package put together for your group we can offer all sorts, including catering in our Café 750 or in the Napier private dining area and open evenings. In addition to convenient free coach parking, we also offer a range of attractive benefits and special offers for you and your group including:

  • Lunch and refreshment vouchers for coach drivers or organisers who bring a pre-booked and pre-paid group of 15+
  • Free familiarisation visit to the Museum available for first-time bookings (max. two people per visit; subject to availability)
  • Free promotional material including posters, leaflets and photographs available for use in brochures and on websites to help promote your visit