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2018 ‘Drive It Day’ Sunday 22nd April

8th Apr 2018

Hopefully no one needs too much encouragement to drive their classic car at any time, although in the United Kingdom the weather will invariably provide reason enough not to.

Sunday 22nd April will be the 13th occasion of Drive It Day organised by the Federation of Historic Vehicle Clubs and supported by over 500 of its member organisations.   The day commemorates the Thousand Mile Trial held in 1900 at the dawn of motoring in Great Britain.  The Trial, as its name suggests, was organised to test the stamina of the then relatively new motor car, its drivers and their mechanics.  Some 83 motor cars entered 65 of which actually started, 53 of which were still running when Edinburgh was reached with only  35 making it back to London where the Trial began.  Given the state of motor engineering, roads, and weather conditions at the time, this really is quite a remarkable and wonderful achievement.

Although you are not obliged to drive to Scotland, do try and get your classic car on the road on this day and, if you do, do think back 118 years to those motoring pioneers who paved the way for you.

Enjoy, and do drive safely.

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