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Finishing the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run with seconds to spare!

11th Nov 2021

On the 7th of November, you might have seen we took part in and finished the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run with seconds to spare!

It was quite the adventure with the Darracq driving well through London, and to our delight, reaching the halfway point quicker than expected. After a quick pitstop in Crawley, the team began the second leg of the journey towards Brighton.

Alas, the Darracq was getting tired and so the team had to pull over just 8 miles from the finish line, where Mark and Neil, from our Workshop and Restoration Centre, came to the rescue and brought her back to life! With only an hour to get to Brighton in time for the finish and a mammoth hill ahead of them, the team took off again with the finish line soon to be in sight!

Put, put, putting through Brighton as quick as she could go and the smell of sea air growing stronger, the team could now see the finish line! With the time 4:29pm on the clock, the race to the finish was on! Marshalls waving frantically towards to finish line, what was left of the crowd were cheering the team to finish, and then across the finish line, 4:30pm!

The day was a rollercoaster of emotions, but truly worth it. And an incredible effort from the team and of course the Darracq, which will now have a much-needed rest in the Museum!

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