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Haynes Breakfast Club survey– your results

12th May 2021

Haynes Breakfast Club restarted in May 2021 with incredible support from many who have been itching to socialise with other car enthusiasts and show off their pride and joy. Haynes International Motor Museum recently conducted a survey with recent May event attendees as well as engaging with the Breakfast Club group online to understand how the event could be improved.

The results

An overwhelming 420 of you took part in the survey.

“…I did miss seeing the mix of cars from all eras. Something about seeing a 1930's Sedan next to a 2020 supercar is just fantastic. The history and evolution of the car there in front of you. It's what Haynes is about isn't it?”

Haynes Breakfast Club survey results 2021

What happens now?

Due to your feedback both in person and online, we are excited to announce that Haynes Breakfast Club will return to welcoming all marques to one large event on the first Sunday of the month, starting from June onwards. The event will also offer a limited amount of tickets for spectators to join the event and we'll be planning to invite relevant stallholders in the near future.


Q: How will this affect my Haynes Breakfast Club booking?

A: If you have already booked for the first Sunday (Future Classics) your booking will not be affected. We appreciate that many of you have already booked for the Veteran, Vintage and Classics meets throughout the year and we apologise for this change of plans. We will be in touch with you individually by email and phone in the next few days to transfer tickets where possible to the first Sunday of the month you booked for, another 1st Sunday event or offer a refund.

Q: Will we be able to park at the front of the museum again?

A: The new events carpark is now the new home of Haynes Breakfast Club, complete with numerous outdoor catering units and space to accommodate stalls and trade stands. Read more about all the improvements here. This new event space paired with the introduction of pre-booking presented the Museum with the opportunity to return to one, well organised event on the first Sunday of the month that welcomes all marques.  The front carpark will now be reserved for Museum visitors only.

Q: Will pre-booking continue at future events?

A: The introduction of pre-booking has enabled us to run a well organised, relaxed and enjoyable event for true car and bike enthusiasts. We do intend to continue with pre-booking however should your plans change once you have booked please contact our team on 01963 440804 to transfer your ticket to the next available event.

Q: Will the full breakfast return?

A:  The full breakfast will no longer be available at the Haynes Breakfast Club or Cafe 750. 

Q: Will spectator tickets be available?

A:  A limited allocation of spectator tickets will now be available at all Haynes Breakfast Club events from June onwards. Please pre-book your spectator ticket here.





With a return to one event we understand that you may have some questions regarding what to expect at the next Haynes Breakfast Club event. If you can not find the answer to your questions online please do contact Charmaine on 01963 442785 or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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