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Brand new exhibitions

17th May 2021

 Brand new exhibitions at Haynes International Motor museum. 

 The enforced lockdown in March led the Museum to take the decision to bring forward some major planned improvements, from a new roof to new exhibitions. 


Good to Go official mark

Welcoming you back safely

The Museum is proud to have been awarded the 'WE'RE GOOD TO GO' industry charter mark by Visit England, a mark of confidence for visitors to know that all the processes have been put in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for all. Read more about what to expect from your visit and the safety measures we have in place here. 


New exhibitions to explore and discover…

There will be many new exhibitions to explore when you visit Haynes International Motor Museum, all of which have been adapted with safety and social distancing in mind.


John Haynes OBE - The Man, The Manuals, The MuseumJohn Haynes OBE – The Man, the Manuals and the Museum

Just 135 years ago the first ‘car’ road trip occurred and since that moment there has always been a special place in our hearts for the motorcar. John H Haynes OBE was one such car enthusiast, whose love for motoring was the driving force behind the hugely successful Haynes Manuals, which became the global go-to guide for car and motorbike owners.

This exhibition explores: ‘The Man’, John’s life, his energy, the support of his wife Annette and his love of people and life; ‘The Manuals’, the petrol-head entrepreneur feeding a new culture of hands-on enthusiasm for repairing your own vehicle and of course ‘The Museum’ his legacy, the cars and the stories behind them.




Exclusive Williams F1 event at Haynes International Motor MuseumWilliams F1 – The Drivers and the Driven

This exclusive exhibition from Williams F1 explores the fast paced world of F1 racing from all angles.

Williams has an extraordinary legacy, making them currently second only to Ferrari in terms of team statistics in the history of Formula 1. Whether you are a fan or a bystander, adult or child, you will get a sense of the excitement, achievement, lifestyle and the need for speed as you uncover the story of Williams.




Enzo Ferrari - new exhibition Enzo Ferrari – The Man and the Machine

Ferrari is one of the world’s most recognized brands and conjures images of luxury sports cars designed to win on both the track and on the road.

This fresh interpretation of the Museum’s Ferrari display unveils the human side of the story, exploring the origins of the brand with the tale of the ambitious, young Enzo Ferrari in both words and film. Understand what lies beneath the shiny metal, where the name Ferrari ‘Dino’ originated and the legend of the prancing horse in a newly installed display space in which you can get up close to the cars and the story of the man behind the name.




And more...

Many further improvements and updates have been added to the other exhibitions and galleries including:

The Vintage and Veteran exhibition, where visitors can understand a little more about the history of motoring with a new layout and a unique ‘slice’ of our road history from cart track to Roman to Tarmacadam; the famous Red Room now delves further into the history of the colour Red. Find out why red is so popular in motoring, what it means across the globe and why it is such an emotive colour; Further history of the Roaring Twenties has been added into the American Dream exhibition to provide context to the beautiful cars on display, which were on the road in a period so influential to our economic, social and celebrity history.

Chris Scudds, CEO commented:

With many of our team on Furlough for much of the period, this has been a real challenge for the remaining staff. Where possible we have also been supported by our cohort of volunteers and I am very proud of all that they have achieved together. Like all museums and visitor attractions, we are very much in the hands of Government guidelines, but I am super confident we are able to offer a COVID safe environment in all areas. With so much that is new and exciting within the Museum we hope that people will support the charity and come and see us as soon as we reopen.


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