Mitsubishi Evo VII, paint, carbon fibre reconditioning and corrosion repair work

The Museum's onsite Workshop & Restoration Centre have recently completed some repair work on this Mitsubishi Evo VII for a customer. The car had three highly visible areas where the paint had been polished through, there was a small bit of corrosion on the right hand rear wheel arch which needed attention.

Repairing the corrosion and paintwork

One of the first steps for the team was to strip back the paint in the areas that needed repair. This immediately revealed that a poorly done previous repair to the wheel arch was the cause of the corrosion issue.  

The fabrication team carefully cut the corroded area away and repaired the arch, ready for the paint shop technicians to work their magic. 

To ensure a flawless finish, the team used our Glasurit paint scheme from BASF and then colour matched using the spectrometer. The technician then repainted the whole rear end of the car and blended in the surrounding front door panels, this work was then followed with a flat and polish. 

However, after the flat and polish was completed, the team found our finish was to higher standard than the rest of the car. The team always strive for perfection and so went on to complete a flat and polish on the rest of the car to match. 

Improving the carbon fibre rear spoiler & vortex generator

The Workshop team were also asked to carry out improvements to the rear spoiler and vortex generator on the roof, as the lacquer was lifting on the carbon fibre.  

To repair this, the paint technicians gently flatted back the existing lacquer to remove it, then applied 3 coats of lacquer to the parts in our exceptional new spray booth. 

After more flatting back and polishing the team got a mirror finish to the carbon fibre parts which were then refitted to the car.


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