Williams F1 – The Drivers and the Driven

This exclusive exhibition from Williams F1 explores the fast paced world of F1 racing from all angles. Williams has an extraordinary legacy, making them currently second only to Ferrari in terms of team statistics in the history of Formula 1. Whether you are a fan or a bystander, adult or child, you will get a sense of the excitement, achievement, lifestyle and the need for speed as you uncover the story of Williams.

In the exhibition space itself you can get up close and explore the beauty, complexity and evolution of designs in a collection of Formula 1 cars that in some cases have won Driver and Constructor Championships; from the Mansell Red No 5 to some of the more recent models.

Throughout the exhibition, discover the challenges F1 Drivers past and present have faced both professionally and personally, experience a Formula 1 race car from a Driver’s point of view in the cinema space and gain an understanding of modern safety engineering with a special display of a crashed Formula 1 car.


ReopeningWilliams 2Williams steering wheel